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Recreational Cannabis Legalisation

New Jersey’s cannabis legislation is moving fast. The Garden State will soon allow recreational use and sales, joining 14 other states in America’s recent Green Rush.

The state’s passage of Question 2 in the Nov. 3 election legalized adult-use cannabis, but now it’s up to the Legislature to establish the detailed rules. Leafly went deep into the weeds of NJ’s 200-page bill and came away with the key takeaways you need to know before the scheduled December 17 vote.

According to its authors, The New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory, Enforcement Assistance And Marketplace Modernization Act was written to create a free and equitable cannabis market, while removing the plant from the statewide list of Schedule I drugs.

The bill considers everything from social justice provisions and minority business development to standard regulations for growers and distributors.

Here are five major takeaways:

1.   New Jersey is using impact zones to prioritize restorative justice

New Jersey is prioritizing communities most hurt by the inequitable war on drugs. The bill’s high-population “impact zones” include Atlantic City, Camden, East Orange, Irvington, Newark, Paterson, Trenton, and other communities.

Calvin Stovall

Calvin Stovall writes and produces media in Atlanta, GA and runs day-to-day operations for The Artistic Unified Exchange, a nonprofit that protects intellectual property on behalf of independent artists and underserved communities.

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