Last Chance For Spain To Legalise Medicinal Cannabis – Murcia Today

Medical Cannabis Legalisation

Date Published: 10/05/2022

Those in favour argue that patients in Spain should be in the hands of doctors rather than drug dealers

“Patients have to be in the hands of the State and the doctors, not the drug traffickers,” the president of the Spanish Observatory of Medicinal Cannabis (OECM), Carola Perez, announced, highlighting that more than 300,000 patients could benefit enormously from its use.

This will be “the last attempt” to change the law, she said, after which point “we will have to take care of ourselves.”

The issue has long divided politicians, with detractors fearing that legalising cannabis, even for limited use and in a controlled and regulated way, will lead to increased general drug use in Spain.

The Government delegate for the National Plan on Drugs, Joan Ramón Villalbí, pointed out that 10% of users are at risk of developing a drug addiction and that cannabis can affect memory, coordination and school performance in younger people, even leading to schizophrenia.

In the event that the legislation is finally passed, the Government lawyer has called for “ways to fit the prescription and dispensing to patients who can benefit from cannabis” and to protect other vulnerable groups.

Image: Pixaby